Sustainable Architecture



No matter how small our contribution is, or we believe that it is, taking care of the resources we have at our disposal, the environment and being aware of what we consume is of great importance and has a very valuable impact on our future and on the future of the next generations.

In order to draw more attention to that, we decided to have a challenge on this topic. We invite you to share with us and the entire community your sustainable architecture project. Please let us know, which part of the project can be observed as the sustainability factor, as it may not be obvious but still has a big impact.


Examples of sustainability in architecture:

  • A design that takes into account the sun and other factors to save energy
  • Materials that are recycled or renewable
  • Raw materials that are obtained locally to reduce distances and the pollution that occurs
  • Integration of nature into the project
  • Factors that influence the maintenance of the building

As you can see there are various factors that help to make a project more sustainable. 


It does not matter if you are not the one who has designed the space, if you did the visualization you are also part of the change.

The submission period is from February 1st, 2022 - February 28th, 2022 23:59 CET. 

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From all submissions, our jury will select three winners who will get awesome prizes!

The winners will be announced on March 16th, 2022.



- 600 RenderPoints for the Rebus Render Farm

Great Talks About Photorealism Vol 2 + 3D scenes

- Free *Wanderer or *Studio account for one year at VWArtclub

- Oficina3D Training - Complete Archviz training from zero to advanced.

- Arch Viz Artist Visualization course 



1. Submit a 3D image of your sustainable architecture project

2. Include a description of your sustainable architecture project and tell us in which part or parts of the process can be observed the sustainability factor.

Sustainable Architecture Challenge Guidelines

Your submission needs to be a self-made 3D image. The main emphasis of the image may not be a bought 3D object. Read more detailed information in our Terms & Conditions.

Sustainable Architecture Challenge Submission

Send us your work with all needed information via our submission form. If you want to submit a video, please select at least one representative still frame of your video and add a link which directs to the video.



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