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4.4 How to render online using Maya and RebusFarm?

How to submit a job using Maya:

Our RebusFarm software is directly integrated into Maya, you can open the Rebus setup window to send your job to the render cloud in several ways, via the menu “Rebusfarm” or with the buttons on the shell menu.

Before sending your job to render online, make sure you have finalized all settings on the render setup.

via the Rebus Setup you have access to all the important functions for the upload.

Priority: You can change the priority in the queue (This will not affect the render speed).

Autostart: Select the “Auto-start” option to make your job start to render online automatically after upload.

Render Distributed: This option is recommended if you will render online images with a large measure. The image will be split into multiple machines, this way each machine will render a part of the image, and then all of these parts will be merged together creating the final result. This works faster than a single rendering mode. (Is not available for animations, only for single frames).

Layers: If you activate this option, RebusFarm will transfer the layers settings per view into separate render jobs, this way you can generate several render jobs from just one scene and with just one upload.

Cost Calculator: With this option, you will be able to make a very rough cost estimation before sending your job to the render cloud, based on your own render parameters and your own machine information.

Render cost estimation: This is a more accurate way to make a cost estimation, 3 random frames of your job will be rendered on the farm first, and the rest of the job will be paused, then the estimated cost will be displayed on the ControlCenter, and you will receive the estimation by email too.

Notifications: Activate this option if you want to be notified by email about the status of your job.

Your scene will be checked before sending, you can do a “QuickCheck” at any time to see if your scene can be sent to render online.

Info, warnings, and error messages will appear on the left side of the “Rebus Farminizer” window. Info and Warning messages are to double-check and can be ignored, but in the case of errors, you have to fix them to be able to upload the job to the render cloud.

If everything is fine and you don’t get any error message, then click on “Upload to RebusFarm” and then the scene will be checked again, click on “Send to RebusFarm”.

After sending the job, check if it was successfully exported and is uploading to the render cloud on the bottom of the window, this step can take some minutes.

On your ControlCenter you will be able to see the upload progress and all the information of the jobs you have on the render cloud. As soon as the job gets uploaded to the render cloud, the job will start automatically to render if you selected the “Autostart” option, if not, you will have to start the job manually by pressing the “Start render” button. For further detail about how to manipulate the Control Center please click here.

As soon as the job gets complete, your results will be automatically downloaded to the output save path that you set on your render configuration.

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