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How to use the CostCalculator and the Cost estimation in order to make a reliable cost estimation to render online:

3.1 How to use the CostCalculator:

To open the CostCalculator you can do it directly through our website under the section “Buy” or through the RebusFarm setup window on your 3D software.

CPU or GPU: On this step, you have to select if you will use CPU or GPU renderers to work on the render cloud.

3D app: Please select which 3D software will you use to render online.

Renderer: Please select which renderer you are using with your 3D software.

Animation: Under the “My Project” menu, select the option “Animation” if you will render online a single frame in single rendering mode or an animation with 2 frames or more.

Frames: If you will render a single frame on a single node, please write on this field “1” or if it is an animation please write the total amount of frames that you will send to the render cloud.

Render time: Please fill this field with the time that one frame takes to render on your local machine, not with the time that you expect the frame to take on the render cloud. Make sure you use as a base the longest time of the most intensive part of the animation.

Single image: Select this option only if you will render online a single frame on distributed mode.

Source resolution: Fill this field with the resolution you use to make the local test on your machine.

Render time: On this field insert the time that one frame needs to be rendered on your local machine, not with the time that you expect the frame to take on the render cloud.

Target resolution: Insert on this field which resolution will you send to the render cloud.

Calculate with My: under the “My workstation” section, select if you want to enter your CPU Type or your Cinebench to make your calculation.

CPU type: Please fill this section with the exact information of your local machine, you can find this information on the properties of your computer.

Cinebench: Insert your corresponding Cinebench score.

After filling all the required fields with your information, at the bottom of the page you will find the final cost estimation to render online with RebusFarm.

If needed, you can change to a different currency.

To render online on RebusFarm, you will need to buy RenderPoints, you can do it directly by clicking on the button “Buy RenderPoints” at the bottom of the CostCalculator page.

Do not forget that the cost calculator is not accurate. Cost may be affected by incorrect data, or big changes during the rendering process. Therefore, it is recommended to send tests frames.

3.2 How to use the “Render Cost estimation” tool:

Using the Render Cost Estimation is a very comfortable procedure to prognosticate the cost before sending your final job to the render cloud. It also allows you to continue rendering the Job if no changes are necessary and the price matches. Below we will show you an example with Cinema 4D. This can be taken analogously in other programs like 3ds Max, Maya, and Blender.:

First, Open your Cinema 4D project and make sure you have configured all your settings, before sending your job to render online.

Next, open the RebusFarm setup window on the RebusFarm tab or press Ctrl+shift+F on your keyboard.

Then, click on the “Render cost estimation” option, this is a more accurate way to make a cost estimation before sending your job to the render cloud, 3 random frames of your job will be rendered on the farm first and the rest of the job will be paused, then the estimated cost will be displayed on the ControlCenter and you will receive the estimation by email too.

A new window will be opened for RebusFarm messages showing all the relevant information, warnings, and errors your scene may have. If you don’t get any error message, please click on “Send to Rebus” to upload your file to the render cloud.

Your job will be uploaded, the 3 frames will start to render online automatically.

Then the job will be paused and the estimation will appear on the ControlCenter, also you will get an email.

If you agree with the estimated cost, you just have to click on the “Start render” button to resume the job.

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