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Check here all news about our Render Farm. We inform you about updates, patches and fixes.

finalRender for 3dsmax

April 2nd 2008: Support of finalRender, finalToon and finalShaders for 3D Studio MAX

As of now REBUSfarm supports the rendering-engine finalRender Stage-1 R2, the popular raytracing- and GI-system for 3D Studio MAX. The service includes finalToon and finalShaders.

Equipped with a capacity of 1200 GHz, free-of-charge consulting and project-optimization, we will help our customers to meet their deadlines at the lowest costs possible.

We use green energy

01.04.2008 REBUSfarm uses 100% CO2-free green energy

As of April 1st 2008 REBUSfarm will solely run on power produced from 100% regenerative energy sources from the Naturstrom AG, and actively contributes to clima protection. If you would like to know how much CO2-emission and atomic waste you would spare the environment by rendering on the REBUSfarm, use our cost- and environment-calculator. Further information about our efforts to protect the climate can be found here.

New Price: 15,9 cent / GHzh

February 20th 2008: Radical price-cuts down to universal 15,9 cent/GHzh

By using quad-processors, the capacity of our rendering slaves has been substantially increased. We have decided to completely pass these saving on to our customers. Furthermore we've simplified our price list, charging the universal price of 15,9 cent / GHzh, no matter which software you are using. This makes us the best priced rendering service in the world.

REBUSfarm hits 1200 GHz

February 20th 2008: REBUSfarm updates to 1200GHz

REBUSfarm, Europe's biggest rendering-service, increases its total capacity to 1200GHz, thus doubling its output performance. It now exclusively consists of Quadcore systems carrying 8 GB RAM per Node. By this, we are trying to fulfill the growing need for highly available external rendering-power. Customers can look forward to quicker results, allowing tighter deadlines.

Blender 3D und YafRay

January 15th 2008: Blender 3D and YafRay support

As of now REBUSfarm supports Blender Foundation's Blender 3D and the rendering software YafRay. The open source software enjoys great popularity and will be kept up to date on our farm.

VRay for C4D

October 8th 2007: REBUSfarm supports VRay for C4D

REBUSfarm now supports LAUBlab's Vray for Cinema 4D, the new advanced GI rendering-engine for professional MAXON Cinema 4D users. REBUSfarm is the biggest render farm supporting the plugin for C4D, and we encourage all Cinema 4D users to benefit from our long-time experience with VRay for 3D Studio MAX. Equipped with a capacity of 600GHz, free-of-charge project supervision and optimization we'll help you to meet your deadlines at the most affordable price.

Nextlimit Maxwell Render

October 8th 2007: Next Limit Maxwell Render support

REBUSfarm is now the biggest authorized render farm for Next Limit Maxwell Render (MR). Our rendering service offers a quick and easy way to render MR projects. Equipped with a capacity of 600GHz, over 60 Maxwell licenses and free-of-charge project supervision, we'll help our customers to meet their deadlines at the most affordable price. Our cooperation with Next Limit is another step towards our aim at offering the widest possible range of software-support on the market.

VRay 1.50.00 Upgrade

August 8th 2007: VRay 1.50.00 Final Upgrade

REBUSfarm now supports VRay 1.50.00 Final Upgrade, the newest version of the fast andvanced GI rendering-engine. The upgrade includes a lot of improvements and bugfixes. An overview of the changes since the last version can be found here.

REBUSfarm goes 600GHz

January 15th 2007: REBUSfarm updates to 600GHz

REBUSfarm extends its machinery and updates the total capacity to 600GHz (compared to a Pentium4/Xeon platform). This makes REBUSfarm the biggest European rendering service, providing its customers with short rendering times for close deadlines. At a price of 0,29 EUR / GHzh REBUSfarm realizes its aim to offer the biggest rendering power at the most affordable price.

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