Help ID 14001 - Progressive Animation

Due to the nature of Progressive rendering, it's not possible to use it in a renderfarm and animations.
You need to use "Bucket" render engine.

Progressive Render refines the image until either the maximum render time is reached or all passes are done.

If you leave both values at zero, Corona renders infinite time until someone stops the render, which is not possible on a renderfarm.

You need to set up a maximum for passes and rendertime, just to stop render if either passes or time limit is reached. But if you do so, each image of your animations will have a different image noise!

Imagine you set up 300 passes and 1 hour rendertime. The first image of your animation shows an empty sky. The render starts and after 2 minutes you have 300 passes completed. Another framerange of your animation shows a house with trees and many details. It renders for 1 hour, but it only completes 205 passes.

Currently we have no solution for this problem. That's why you need to use Bucket render engine instead.

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