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"Another Point of View" Winner Announcement

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 by Nadine Obst

As already reported earlier, towards the end of February we´ve started our Rendering Competition "Another Point of View" with the Universtità Iuav de Venezia (IUAV). The 50 students of the Master Course were asked to create an image showing another point of view of an existing artpiece and render it with a limit of 25 Renderpoints using our render farm service.  

A high-class jury of 3D specialists - Ondra Karlik, Jonathan Gales, Ronen Bekerman, Martin Benes and Juraj Talcik, only naming a few - were asked to evaluate the entries and choose the winning images. There have been two students with equal points in voting so we decided to have two third prizes. Also one special prize goes to one of the former MADI students who had also entered the contest. Finally the winners are announced and we are happy to introduce them today:

1. Prize and 500 Renderpoints go to Nicole Romano with her interpretation of "Walker Evans - Interior View of Heliker" 

2. Prize and 250 Renderpoints go to Gabriele Simonetta with his interpretation of "Walker Evans - Interior View of Heliker" 

3. Prize and 100 Renderpoints go to Danilo Santoro and his interpretation of "Ezra Stoller - Salk Institute of Biological"

3. Prize and 100 Renderpoints go to Alessia Basili and her interpretation of "Walker Evans - Nova Scotia"

Special Prize and 250 Renderpoints go to Carlo Catto and his interpretation of "Mimmo Jodice - Eur 5 Roma"


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"Another Point of View" Rendering Competition

Friday, April 8th, 2016 by Nadine Obst

Towards the end of February 2016 the RebusFarm Team visited Venice to meet up with Fabio D´Agnano, Director of the Master Course at the Universtità Iuav de Venezia (IUAV). With the support of his passionate staff we kicked off the RebusFarm Rendering Competition "Another Point of View". Fifty young students with varying levels of experience in 3D are currently attending the Master Course in Digital Architecture (MADI). For the contest, they were asked to pick a photo taken by a master in architectual photography and change the point of view using 3D software. The RebusFarm team also came to Venice to instruct the MADI students in the general use of our renderfarm as most of them had never used one before. Our CTO Gerphil Niebur gave a detailted workshop. 

For the workshop, the fifty men and women were split in two groups so that we had enough time for each individual student. Gerph explained the registration process, the use and advantages of a renderfarm and how jobs are handled using the power of our 3.000 CPUs. The participants were able to ask questions and even render their first job on the farm, having the support and know-how of our RebusFarm Team placed at their disposal. It was a very intimate and caring atmosphere and we are very happy that we got the chance to meet and work with the next generation of masters in 3D visualization. 

Some students took the time to talk about their experiences during their studies, the RebusFarm workshop and their ideas for the contest:

After a nice get-together with all lecturers and students during lunch time, everyone was ready to go. Now that the students had all been prepared for the contest, they couldn´t wait to get started. The specifications were easy: choose an image of a master in architectural photography, change the point of view (color, time, camera angle etc.) and use a maximum of 25 Renderpoints to test your scene and render your image on the Rebus Render Farm. The students had one month to finish their work and with the contest nearing the end, we will announce the finalists shortly. The three finalists will receive up to 500 Renderpoints worth 500 Euro, and be featured in the Ronen Bekerman Gallery, a great start for their professional careers. 

During our stay in Venice we met part of the high-class jury who are now being asked to view and evaluate the entries of the students. Ondra Karlik, founder of Corona Renderer, Juray Talcik, creative director of Democivoca Studio and Gael Nys from RSI Studios came to Venice to share their experiences with 3D visualization during their lectures. 

Juray Talcik took the time to talk about his work and visions in a little interview which you can watch here:

We are now quite eager to finally reveil the winning images and will keep you updated on the "Another Point of View" competition. 


3D Artist of the Month April 2016

Friday, April 1st, 2016 by Nadine Obst


Although it´s April Fools Day, we´re not pulling your leg when we say that this stunning picture above is not a photograph! It was created by our April 2016 3D Artist of the Month, Tiago Sillos, an architect from Brazil. He has been working in this field for 15 years now and his passion for 3D visualization eventually lead him to start his own business. In 2013, Tiago and his wife Susan opened their own 3D studio for architectural design called Lumo Studio. "Lumo" means light in Esperanto and was chosen by the couple as it is characteristic for their work: "Our passion is to show the wonderful play of light in every day life." While his wife Susan takes care of the art direction. Tiago works on the realization of their projects. "Susan helps me to focus on work and points me in the right direction to make the best out of each composition I create."

Whether on the internet or in real life, Tiago and his wife are always researching and looking for inspiration to make their work outstanding. They follow a very meticulous approach: "Light references, colours or different textures, we understand our work as art and we´re always looking for differentness. We like to play with lightning, giving each scene some kind of magical touch. We believe adding natural or even artificial light to a scene will make the viewer feel that little extra pixie dust (laughs). Above all we´re always seeking to produce something unique with our own mark."

We wanted to know more about the origins of their winning image. Tiago told us how the initial idea came to be: "Actually, the inspiration for that image came from a friend of mine who had shared a picture of a pool house designed by the Indian studio 42mm Architecture on my facebook timeline. I immediately thought I´d like to create something similar. So my wife and I started to study the whole structure of the house. While testing, we realized that the sun was shining against the camera lens which produced an excellent and dramatic late afternoon effect. We are very satisfied with the results we achieved." 

For his winning picture Tiago used 3ds Max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop. For the furniture he used Design Connected, Evermotion, Viz-People and Speed and Max models for the plants and trees. He modelled the bar, the pendant lamp metal and the light wood paneling himself. The entire house was modelled in 3ds Max. Tiago told us he has used RebusFarm to render several projects in the past: "What amazes me is the speed with which the support answers and solves any queries! You guys are really fast!" 

Now let´s take a closer look into the creation of the winning picture. Tiago gave us a step-by-step insight for the whole process:

"After we collected all needed information about the origin pool house in ArchDaily, we prepared for modelling the pool box and surroundings. We then created a small hill and placed the house in the middle of the lot. We used Corona Scatter to occupy all the land with gradd and used proxy for the plants. It was a thorough job to correct the imported material. Correction of gamma, among all other adjustments in order to reduce the amount of noise in the scene was kind of tricky. For materials we were trying to simplify most of the maps and many materials were Corona RaySwitch Mtl to reduce noises of light and the burden on the GI calculation which actually was quite high in this scene." 

"Full brightness of colours or maps sometimes were reduced from 255 to lower values in order to give them the correct brightness. So all in all this was simple modelling, simple materials, simple lightning, but all done under our own brand."

Thanks Tiago and congratulations from the whole RebusFarm Team!


You want to be our next featured Artist of the Month in the upcoming month of May and win 250 Renderpoints? Then, just visit our facebook page, upload one of your self-made 3D images and send us a personal message containing your email address. We'll choose the best image and contact the winner.


RebusFarm donates 7.500 liter of fuel for MOAS - Migrant Offshore Aid Station

Monday, March 24th, 2016 by Nadine Obst

This year we´ve decided to donate 7.500 liter of fuel the organisation MOAS - Migrant Offshore Aid Station instead of giving away free Renderpoints on Easter.

Image by Jason Florio

The current crisis is something we believe needs to be taken care of and we´re tyring our best to support organisations such as MOAS, who are risking their lifes to rescue refugees off shore every day.

We share the same opinion: "We believe that no one deserves to die at sea - and we are working hard to ensure that no one does." Please take your time and have a look at their website and information material. Get an idea of their work.

We hope that you decide to also take action and support this great organisation! Thank you!

MOAS Twitter Page

MOAS YouTube Channel