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Unleash your creativity and join our 3D Artist of the Month Contest! Each month we are looking for your best 3D Image or video! If you want to be our next 3D Artist of the Month, just send us one of your self-made 3D Images/videos. The winner will receive great prizes including 250 RenderPoints worth USD 263.78 and promotion during the whole month.

Update: No more deadlines!

From now on submissions are free of deadlines. You can send your entries for this year at any time and get a chance to become our next 3D Artist of the Month.

3D Artist of the Year Award

Each winner of our 3D Artist of the Month Competition will automatically be nominated to become our 3D Artist of the Year. The 3D Artist of the Year will be elected by a high-class jury consisting of RebusFarm CG Partners from all over the world.

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Winner February 2017 | Narrative

"A kaleidoscope of countless experiences" Our new 3D Artist of the Month is NARRATIVE, a CGI studio from Sydney, Australia.
Neil Paul, the studio's art director gives an insight on his approach and what he likes about doing large architecture scenes.


Your submission needs to be a self-made 3D image/s or video. The topic is free to choose. There is no limitation of the amount of images, however we may choose only one image to show in our “all submissions” area. The main emphasis of the image may not be a bought 3D object. Read more detailed information in our Terms & Conditions.


Submit your work by sending all needed information and your work via our email form. If you want to submit a video, please select at least one representative still frame of your video and add a link which directs to the video. The submitted image should be at least 1000px width.


As a winner, you will be interviewed for our RebusFarm Blog, which will be promoted in our Newsletter, on Social Media channels and in Banner campaigns.

You´ll receive 250 RenderPoints worth USD 263.78 to explore our massive computing power of 5000 CPUs through the cloud.

Your work will be featured on all of our social media channels. Our partners like CGSociety, 3D Total, etc. will also promote you.

The winning picture will be featured in our 3D Artist of the Month banner campaigns on CG related websites like CGsociety, Vray materials, etc. Each winner will also automatically enter the Artist of the Year competition, just like the winners of last year.

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