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What are the advantages?Why should I use the Rebus Render Farm?

Get the highest speed and best quality

The RebusFarm increases the speed of your renderings with massive rendering power provided by the Render Farm with its render-node clusters. Our render servers calculate still images and 3D animations in breathtaking speed and excellent quality.


Save time and money

Submitting your render jobs to the Rebus Render Farm saves you high acquisition costs compared to the purchase of expensive local hardware. The render nodes in the Rebus Render Farm guarantee optimal results, and deliver your images a thousand times faster than a single High-End-Workstation could ever do.


Cloud rendering was never this easy

With the Rebus Render Farm you can solve your render tasks online in the cloud. Using the Farminizer software, which can be downloaded from our homepage, you can upload your 3D graphics and 3D animations to the cloud where our service takes over the rendering.


No licensing costs or expensive hardware

This online functionality saves you expensive hardware and software licencing costs - the user-friendly Farminizer software and our Render Farm makes it possible!